can viruses from cats spread to humans???

Doug Stemke dstemke at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Sat Nov 30 17:15:25 EST 1996

On 30 Nov 1996, 4Ts wrote:

> I was told recently by my lecturer that "latest" discovery of science has
> proven that viruses from cat can spread to humans...I wonder whether it's
> true..but my vet said that viruses cannot spread to humans...so can anyone
> come forward and slove my doubts..thank u..

It depends on the virus.  I believe rabies can be spread from cats to
humans and I would imagine influenza can as well.  Other viruses (like
feline leukemia virus) can't be spread to humans, just as a couple of
exaples. I wouldn't say any of this represents the 'latest discovery'. 

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