Unidentified bacteria

Tony Maunder tmaunde at tpgi.com.au
Tue Oct 1 09:01:17 EST 1996

SWAPS Liverpool Hospital Sydney Auistralia.
We have isolated an organism from a patient which can only be visualised 
by darkfield microscopy. It is a motile rod approx 5-10um long by 0.5um wide.
 Almost straight (not spiral).Cannot be seen in gram stain, giemsa stain, Dienes stain or silver stain.
? no growth after 48 hours.
Patient is a 30 year old  indian male. Went to India in January 1996.
No illness up to 2 weeks ago.
First symptoms sore throat. Given amoxyl.
Itchy rash developed.
Jaundiced developed.
Temp 42 deg C.
Increased eosinophils, lymphocytes, polymorphs, PT, APTT, LFT's.
?hepatitis like illness.
HIV neg. EBV neg.
?rat involvement.
Now has pustular rash all over body.

Oragnism isolated from blood cultures.

Please help with Id or any other ideas.

Can E-mail me direct on tmaunde at tpgi.com.au

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