A problem culturing luminous marine bacteria in the lab can anyone help!

Philip Onigman scott001 at ix.netcom.com
Tue Oct 1 19:23:26 EST 1996

My Marine Microbiology courses from university of NH circa 1974, Dr.
Galen Jones and others indicated that for marine bacteria you get a
real seawater sample,, and dilute it to 75% seawater. Then, add no
glucose, but a simple medium of b-vitamins, sterile filter through
Millipore 0.22um filters and your culture conditions should be of
speicific low temps.  This is GENERAL for marine bacteria, not your
species.  P.S. the Pet Store stuff could have an unknown toxic

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In <DyApHJ.E7x at cf.ac.uk> trimby at cf.ac.uk writes: 
>I'm trying to work with marine luminous bacteria, vibrio
>and photobacterium phosphoreum. The problem is in the
culturing/storage I 
>have tried a few types of medium none of them give satisfactory
>either the bacteria dont't luminesce or luminesce for short periods.
>I'm making up 'seawater' using 'Instant Ocean'(obtained from the local

>pet shop) a mixture of salt designed to produce the proper environment

>for fish etc. with a few other nutrients. I'm using a hydrometer to
>up the right amount of salt.
>Does anyone have a successful tried and tested method of culturing 
>luminescent marine bacteria in the lab, if so please help!
>Thanks for any info.
>Andrew Trimby
>Med Biochem

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