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 The COming Plague, by Laurie Gannett   1994 Farrar, et al NY recent
story that includes resistance
Also, Stuart B. Levy from Tufts Medical is an expert...
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Nicolle Hamilton ~!* <scarlett at marian.creighton.edu> writes: 
>To be short, I am doing an informative on antibiotic resistance and
need a
>horror story (or a source in which I can find one) about a bacterial
>The start of my speech at the present is a clip about Ebola, and then
I go
>into general microbial info and then into antibiotic resistance (the
>of the speech).
>Any help would be most appreciated, I need something as revolting and
>disgusting as possible.					
>Nicolle K. Hamilton
>scarlett at marian.creighton.edu
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