Question on procaryotic cells

Doug Stemke dstemke at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Fri Oct 4 14:05:54 EST 1996

On 4 Oct 1996, Black Orb wrote:

> Could someone help me out with this question??
>   -  Why do ribosomes appear to be the first membrane bound organelle that
>      developed in procaryotic cells??
> I am clueless as to how to explain this.  any help would be greatly
> appreciated!!
> Thanx
Looks like you've missed the mark on this.  Ribosomes are not organelles.
They are complexes of well organized RNA and proteins.  To the best of my
knowledge there are no 'true' organelles in procaryotes.  There are some
membrane structures in methanotrophs,some autotrophs have complex internal
membranes as well and a number of aquatic bacteria I believe have
something like gas vacules.  These look like organelles, but I don't think
they are defined as such. 



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