Slit to Agar Air Sampler source?

Scott Sutton sutton at org
Sun Oct 6 08:25:26 EST 1996

Sorry I can't help you directly, but you might want to consider The
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum as a place to get this tyoe of
question answered.

Information is reproduced below.  Hope it helps.

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MB>I'm interested in using a slit to agar air sampler to monitor airborne
MB>bacteria for periods of 30 minutes or longer rather than collect discrete
MB>samples periodically with a centrifugal sampler (RCS Biotest) or SAS
MB>unit.  I'm especially interested in one that accepts 100 mm diameter
MB>petri plates. Does anyone have the address for a current supplier of
MB>slit-to-agar units? Thanks much for your help.

MB>Michael Betlach

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