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I have picked this thread up kind of late, but you guys might all be
interested in a group called The Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum  (PMF
details below).

There will also shortly be a new page on the WWW called the Online
Consultant (http://microbiol.org/olc.htm) that will use this problem as
it's first entry.  A new question will available for answering with the
selected answer getting free membership in the PMF.

Please take a look at it, we could use your talents in the PMF.

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RO>At the lab I used to work at, we kept 32 different sets of data, which cross
RO>referenced together to form a complete picture of our media prep and autocla
RO>use. In the Media Prep book, we noted what we made, when, how much, the lot
RO>and mfr of the media, which autoclave load it was run under, and who made it
RO>Our Media QC book used a separate sheet for each type of media, on which was
RO>noted the batch (mmddyy made), how much, how dispensed, how QC'ed, results,
RO>and the analyst's initials. Our Autoclave Record book detailed on a separate
RO>page for each day the run #, what was in that run, time, temp, pressure, and
RO>result of control (a Kilit ampule). We ran a Kilit ampule in every run, and
RO>once a week did a positive QC on the ampules themselves to make sure they
RO>worked--toss one in the 59C incubator.

RO>Our lab was a private consulting lab and was peered at by EPA, APHA, USDA,
RO>USP, FDA, and AOAC. We believed in overkill. Makes those auditors love you i
RO>you do it, and they'll eat you for lunch if you don't.

RO>Be sure you keep 2X daily incubator temps, with calibrated thermometers
RO>immersed in liquid, and placed on a top shelf and a bottom shelf. Auditors
RO>like to hit you there, too....


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