Hunger strike in United Institute of Physics of the Earth, RAS, Moscow

strakhov at dir.iephys.msk.su strakhov at dir.iephys.msk.su
Tue Oct 8 04:31:17 EST 1996

by Academician V.N. Strakhov, General Director of  UIPE  RAS  and
I.I.Naumenko-Bondarenko, Chairman of  Trade  Union  Committee  of

   On September the 30th, 1996, we, academician Strakhov Vladimir
Nikolaevich, General Director of UIPE RAS and Naumenko-Bondarenko
Igor Ilyich, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of UIPE RAS started
a hunger strike in a protest against the policy of  the  Government
of the Russian Federation  with  regard  to  Russian  science  in
general and to the Russian  Academy  of  Sciences  in particular.
This policy which has been conducted since 1992 has virtually resulted
in a collapse of the Russian science, first of all  of  a  branch
one. Non-payments of budget financing in 1996  put a final and irrevocable
elimination of the Russian science including the Russian  Academy
of Sciences on the agenda. The main features of the process of
the agony of the Russian science are being defined by the following:
a) a criminally low level of wages for an overwhelming majority of
scientists, including Candidates and Doctors  of  Sciences  which
does not provide even a subsistence minimum;
b) a heavy moral state of a majority of scientists caused  by
a miserable level of wages;
c) a quick loss  of  professionalism  of  a  higher  level  by
a majority of scientific staff due to enormous stress;
d) absence of young specialists inflow;
e) a moral and physical wear of the material-technical basis of science;
it is not possible to obtain  the  results  of  the  world  level
without modern experimental equipment and modern computer technique;
f) absence of a necessary level of informational supply of science
( by books, journals, telecommunications, work-shops, conferences

  At present a lag from a level of the world science for 5-7
years is equal to  a  complete  death  of  science.  The  Russian
science has been already lagging behind for five years.

  To develop a common  state plan of reorganization of science  it
is necessary to be guided by long term considerations relating to
a steady development of the country and its population:
a) expenses for science are sure to be transferred to a number of
 protected articles of the budget;
b) special programs on  technical  re-equipment  of  science,  and
first of all - the kept RAS Institutes, should be envisaged;
c) a general level of expenses on science should annually grow,
making 4%  of  the  expenditure  part  of  the  budget  in  1997,
according to a recently adopted law.

                                              September 30th, 1996
                                      United Institute of Physics of
                                      of the Earth, RAS. Moscow.

                  TO ALL AND EVERYBODY !

   A staff of UIPE RAS fully shares the  demands  of  academician
Strakhov Vladimir Nikolaevich,  Director  of  the  Institute,  and
Naumenko-Bondarenko Igor Ilyich, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, who
came forward with an extreme action, dangerous for their health, and
appeals to the scientific community of Russia and the  whole  world
to support this action by all the possible ways of a civic protest.
   Would you, please, convey this information on the present events to
all the public and scientific  collectives,  to  all  the  people
capable of influencing the policy conducted by the government.

 Would you, please,  inform us about your support and actions
of protest carried out by you through    E-mail:
strakhov at dir.iephys.msk.su
fax:(7 O95)255-60-40, 254-90-88

If you have an e-mailing list of appropriate organizations for sending
the information you are free for using it.

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