Rabbit Calicivirus

Mao Yang myang at hsc.usc.edu
Wed Oct 9 20:33:31 EST 1996


This is not a good idea. Although nature has his own means of keeping
balance, or coming to a new balance after disturbance, we cannot troule
him so without second thoughts.

M. Yang

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, F Thorn wrote:

> I am a final year Microbiology student and am preparing a report on the
> use of rabbit calicivirus as a biological control agent in Australia...I
> ahve come to the conclusion that although the rabbit problem needs to be
> addressed releasing this virus is a very stupid idea!! Can anyone please
> give me their views on this topic as I have discovered very littlie
> middle groung in the literature..that is what I can find is biased one
> way or another but there is very little real data out there!!
> Please help
> Thankyou
> Fiona Thorn    thorn at wr.com.au

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