IPTG concentration for induction?

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Thu Oct 10 08:01:27 EST 1996

In article <deusebe-0910961606580001 at cherubin.ens.fr>, deusebe at wotan.ens.fr (Danièle EUSEBE) says:
>   I have to induce beta-galactosidase in a liquid culture of E.coli Y1089
>lysogen for a lambda gt11 phage containing a beta-galactosidase-fusion
>protein gene.
>   I have read in a protocole to use 10 mM IPTG, which seems to me an
>enormous amount, since I have to make a liter scale culture.
>   Is this concentration required? What is the minimal efficient
>concentration to fully induce beta-galactosidase synthesis?
>Daniele EUSEBE(Ecole Normale Supérieure-INSERM U293-Paris-France)
>e-mail:deusebe at wotan.ens.fr
Hello Daniele,

We regularly use IPTG induction. We have found that a concentration
of 0.4 mM is sufficient for the induction of the Lac promotor.

Marko Fennema and Jeffrey Lutje Spelberg

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