Bacterial population genetics

Bill Burnett bbur at wpo.nerc.ac.uk
Thu Oct 10 10:31:45 EST 1996

Hi Folks...

We're just considering a new venture here.  Can anyone point me in the 
direction of literature on population genetic studies of bacteria?  Not 
phylogenetics.  I'm particularly interested in natural rather than model 
systems, but anything at all will do.  Is anyone involved in anything 
like this?  My population work has all be eukaryote to date, and my 
bacterial stuff is limited to 16S sequencing which won't be much good... 
Which genes do you / would you use, and would you be willing to share PCR 
primer sequences?

Thanks in anticipation,

Bill Burnett: bbur at dml.ac.uk            
Scottish Association for Marine Science
P.O. Box 3, Oban, Argyll, PA34 4AD.

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