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In article <5351dm$dts at hatathli.csulb.edu>, rgelb at engr.csulb.edu (Robert Gelb) says:

>I am having some trouble with my homework and was wondering
>if someone could help me with some remaining questions, as
>I can't find answers to them in the books that I purchased.

Very strange, there are a lot of good books

Stryer Biochemistry
Karlson Biochemistry (very low level)
>Lehniger BCH.
>Voet/Voet BCh

>First one is about aerobic respiration.  In particular, I need
>to know whether the second stage of aerobic respiration takes place
>in the outer or inner mitochondrial compartment.  
>Also, whether the third stage of aerobic respiration takes 
>place in the mitochondrial membrane or mitochondrial compartment.

I don't know exactly what do you mean with "steps" ?

>Another question is about amino acids/proteins.  When protein is 
>used as a source of energy, it is first broken down into 
>amino acids.  The amino group is then removed from each amino acid.

Yes, but this is not nessesary the first step!

>What then happens to the fragments?  Are they converted into fat?
>enter glycolycis? what?

Both ways are possible with Acetyl-CoA, a produkt of the amino acids. 

There are a lot of different amino acids and it depents on the amino acid,
so it is very difficult to say.
Soon or later and after a lot of convertations they will join the amino acid
Alanine, Glycine, Cysteine, Serine, Tryptophane can join the amino acid
cycle als pyruvate.

Asparagine and aspartat can join it as Oxalacetate,

Tyrosine, Phenylalanine and again Aspartat can join it as fumarate,

Isoleucin, Methionine and Valine as Succinyl CoA,

Glutamate, Glutamine, Histidine, Proline and Arginin as alpha-Keto glutarate,

Leucin, Lysin, Phenylalanine,Tyrosin as Acetoacetyl-CoA

Jens Kopatsch

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