JanCzek janczek at aol.com
Sun Oct 13 21:10:45 EST 1996

We developed new  on line respirometer for fast detection of toxicity of
waste water as well as for measurement of an organic content of the
discharged water (BOD). Measurement is based on the   film of bacteria
attached to  the ceramic granules placed in the 3 liter reactor.  Oxygen
consumption decrease indicates  presence of toxins in the waste water 
while  increase indicates presence of organic nutrients . Oxygen analizer
is located remotely to the "reactor" and measurments are done not by a 
D.O ( disolved oxygen) probe imersed in the waste water  but in the gaseus
stage by measuring reactors head space gas content. Such solution assures
much higher  reliability then when using  D.O sensors.  Results of
mesurment are provided in 5 min. intervals and can be  transfered to the
remote computer. Optional anlayzers for CO2 or H2S are also available in
addition to O2 analyzer. If you are interested in more information about
this instrument please e_mail your address to: 75144.2413 at compuserve.com

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