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Phyllis Williams pwilliam at SINCLAIR.EDU
Wed Oct 16 06:43:06 EST 1996

As a teacher of microbiology, I am curious.  Is this a homework=20
assignment?  My students are assigned case studies.  I expect them to=20
work for the answer..go to the library and do some reading, for example. =
If this IS a homework assignment,  I hope you will also DIG for the=20
answer and not expect someone to just GIVE it to you.  There are enough=20
strong clues in your case to diagnose the illness without TOO much=20
trouble!!  I apologize if this comment does not apply to you...don't take=
it personally.=20
   Phyllis Williams, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH

On Sat, 12 Oct 1996, rex wrote:

> A 2-year old male child experienced an upper respiratory tract
> infection two weeks prior to hospital admission.  Four days prior to
> admission, anorexia and lethargy were noted.  Patient was seen at the
> accident and emergency centre of his local hospital three days prior
> to admission.  At that time he had a fever of 39.9=B0C.  Physical
> examination revealed a clear chest, exudative pharyngitis, and
> enlarged cervical lymph nodes.  Throat culture was taken, and a course
> of penicillin was begun.  The child state worsened, and he became
> increasingly lethargic, he developed a respiratory distress on the day
> of admission to hospital.  It was noted that the throat culture from
> three days prior to admission had not grown any group A Streptococci.
> Further examination, the patients temperature was 38.9=B0C and had an
> exudate in the posterior pharynx that was described as a yellowish
> thick membrane which bled when scraped and removed.  The patients
> medical history revealed that he had received no immunisations.
> What could be the causative agent for this disease?  please send your
> reply to rrreyes at enterprise.net thanks...

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