Post-Doc position: Mycoplasma, Mol.Biol.

Duarte Duarte nop26502 at mail.telepac.pt
Wed Oct 16 15:07:02 EST 1996

I need to know some bibliography about microbiology. I am interested in
PROCLOROPHITOS. Please send me some book names and authors.

					Thank You

				Duarte José de Sousa Duarte

Peter Kuhnert <kuhnert at vbi.unibe.ch> wrote in article
<3264FBA5.64E9 at vbi.unibe.ch>...
> In the framework of COST Action 826 on ruminants’ mycoplasmoses a junior
> post-doc position is available at the Institute for Veterinary
> Bacteriology of the University of Berne starting November 1996. We are
> seeking a Veterinarian, Biochemist or Biologist with Doctorate/PhD and
> good knowledge in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. The project
> involves basic and applied research on molecular genetics, pathogenesis
> and immunogenicity of Mycoplasmas pathogenic for cattle, sheep and goat.
> Particular interest is put in the elaboration of improved diagnostic and
> identification methods. The position is limited for one year with the
> possibility of two extensional years.
> Please send your application with CV to: 
> Prof. Joachim Frey
> Institute for Veterinary Bacteriology
> Länggass-Str. 122
> 3012 Bern / SWITZERLAND
> Tel. 031 631 2484 / Fax. 031 631 2634

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