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Check out The Microbiology BBS web site at http://microbiol.org.  Also,
the Virtual Library for Microbiology will be moving to this site in the
next few weeks.  This site is a comprehensive (?) listing of all
microbiology-related web sites.

Scott Sutton, PhD
The Microbiology BBS
telnet: microbiol.org

CR>I am in the process of looking into web sites that might be useful for
CR>students in my introductory microbiology course next term.  As you
CR>probably know using a search engine gives hundreds of sites and I have
CR>started compiling sites according to topic.  If you have discovered a
CR>site which you think might be helpful for intro students (mostly
CR>sophomores) please send me the URL.  When I'm done in a few weeks, if the
CR>colleciton looks good, I'll let you all know our URL and maybe those of us
CR>teaching this stuff can help to keep it (or another site) up to date.


CR>Ted Crusberg
CR>Ted C. Crusberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology &
CR>Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA USA  01609
CR>Society for Industrial Microbiology-Education Committee
CR>Phone:  508-831-5472    Fax:    508-831-5936

to:   IN:crusberg at WPI.EDU
cc:   US:***ALL***

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