How much do you know about Canadian scientists?

Jocelyne Voisin voisin.jocelyne at ic.gc.ca
Thu Oct 17 17:29:54 EST 1996

On this first day of National Science and Technology Week, October 18, 
anyone in Canada can try the quiz on the Great Canadian Scientists site 
and match wits with the rest of the country.  High scorers on that day 
will win Great Canadian Scientists t-shirts or a new Great Canadian 
Scientists CD-ROM.

Although October 18 will be a special day for the web site quiz, it can 
be played by anyone at any time.  The web site also includes an "Ask A 
Scientist feature," in which volunteer scientists respond to questions on 
a wide variety of topics.  Some recent queries include: What mountains in 
British Columbia are volcanoes? and Can bubble gum be digested?

Find out what happens to bubble gum when swallowed and much more with 
Canada's great scientists!  Visit the site at http://www.science.ca or 
jump to the site from SchoolNet's Math/Science page! 
For more information, contact Jocelyne Voisin at (613) 954-1322: email 
voisin.jocelyne at ic.gc.ca

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