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A Research Fellow position is available at the Institute of Molecular
Agrobiology, Singapore to work on Arabidopsis.  Gene trap and enhancer
trap insertional mutagenesis of Arabidopsis has been performed using
transposable elements (Sundaresan et al. 1995, Genes and Development
9:1797-1810; Springer et al. 1995, Science 268:877-880; Sundaresan 1996,
Trends in Plant Sciences 1:184-190).  The transposon insertion lines
are being analyzed for reporter gene expression patterns in
embryogenesis, and for developmental mutations.  Molecular analysis of
selected insertions is performed by isolation and sequencing of the DNA
flanking the insertions.

The Research Fellow position will be primarily concerned with DNA sequencing
and mapping of genes isolated using the insertion lines, and subsequent
computer analysis utilizing EST, genome and protein databases.  This position
will come with an attached technician, and access to automated sequencing
equipment, as well as computing facilities.  Prior experience with DNA
sequencing and bioinformatics will be an asset.

Research Fellow appointments are normally for a period of three years,
with extensions possible at the end of this period.  The salary range
starts at S$49,680 per annum (US $1 = approx S$1.40),the actual
salary depending upon qualifications and experience.  Successful applicants
may qualify for benefits such as housing subsidies, travel to meetings,
annual bonus of one to three months pay, provident fund/gratuity scheme, etc.

Applicants should send their CV including names, designations and e mail
addresses of 3 referees to:

Dr V. Sundaresan
Director, Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
National University of Singapore
59A The Fleming, 1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118240
Tel: 65-8723339
Fax: 65-8725349
e mail: imav1 at nus.sg

Hui-Cheng Tan
Institute Manager
Senior Admin Officer
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
Tel: 65-872 3339, Direct: 65-771 9805
Fax:    65-774 2857

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