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Sat Oct 19 14:54:18 EST 1996

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Subject: Re: Cyclospora
Date: 18 Oct 1996 11:25:06 GMT
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In article <545lqe$asb at newz.oit.unc.edu>, joan at med.unc.edu (Joan
Shields) writes:
>Is there anyone doing any work on Cyclospora?  Or know of anyone doing
any work on this protazoan parasite?
I would like to suggest that you contact the following expert:
Licenciado Miguel Francisco Torres Rub!n
Facultad de Ciencias Qu!micas y Farmacia
Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
Edificio T-12
Ciudad Universitaria, Zona 12
01012 Guatemala, GUATEMALA, C.A.
Phone: (502) 476 9889
Fax:  (502) 476 9808
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