Q: how to maintain pH value to culture Streptoccus

Scott Sutton sutton at org
Mon Oct 21 05:00:00 EST 1996

S. mutans will metabolize sugars to acids, primarily lactic.   This is
the basis of it's putative role in dental caries.   You may not be
successful trying to find a buffer strong enough to overcome the aicd

Have you considered continuous culture techniques?

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JX>Hi, there,

JX>    I'm trying to maintain pH value at 7.0 or 5.5 to culture
JX>S.mutans GS-5. I used PBS. But it doesn't work. After o/n, the pH
JX>value drops down too much. Anybody out there knows which buffer
JX>I should use, please reply to this account. Thanks a lot in

JX>Jinling Xie

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