Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test For Pneumococci

Cheung Hon Kai hkcheung at cse.cuhk.edu.hk
Tue Oct 22 05:36:03 EST 1996

Hi all,

Spiral plater endpoint method is a efficient and reproducible alterative
methods of performing agar dilution susceptibility test. The spiral plater 
is used to create a concentration gradient of an antimicrobial agent
that decreases in the agar as deposition progresses from near the center of the plater outward. Test strains of bacteria are streak along radial lines across
the concentration gradient. After incubation, endpoint MIC are determined by
measuring the distance between the center of the disk to the point where
the growth of bacteria crease.

I am now conducting a project on the use of spiral plater to determine the 
susceptibility of pneumococci to penicillin. However, I do not get the revised
standard procedure and the revised formula other than that provided by the 
prelimenary user guide of the spiral plater for the calculation of stock
antibiotics required and the endpoint concentration on the agar.

Moreover, do you have any idea on the use of this method to determine
the MIC of pneumococci on various drug?

Thank For Any Help.


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