Richard Goering rgoeri at creighton.edu
Mon Oct 21 10:14:56 EST 1996

I would suggest taking a look at the lysis conditions you are using. 
For example, are you using only lysozyme or lysozyme plus mutanolysin
(the latter is better)?  Are you adding the enzyme(s) to the cell
suspension/agarose mixture before casting the plugs or to the lysis
buffer after the plugs are cast? I would be glad to give you some
specific comments depending on what you're doing now.

Richard Goering
Dept. Med. Microbiol. and Immunol.
Creighton Univ. Sch. Med.
Omaha, NE


> Have recently started doing pulsed field gel electrophoresis on
> vancomycin-resistant enterococci, using  standard techniques.  Does
> anyone have suggestions for improving the quality of the runs?  The
> leading bands are blurred, and reproducibility is not great.  Thanks for
> any thoughts.

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