TB and changes in Federal laws

pvr/jkr julieb at lava.net
Thu Oct 24 13:23:10 EST 1996

>I am a Public Health student, doing my field study looking at the
epidemiology of TB in Hawaii. We have a high number of cases here occurring
in people who are foreign born, mostly from Asian countries.  Because it's a
lot harder to sneak in to Hawaii, *most* immigrants have  legal alien 
>I am aware that many health providers in California are very concerned
about the negative impact of Proposition 187 on health care access by landed
immigrants.  I am concerned about the proposed changes in the Federal
legislature that would restrict these individual's  access to health care,
given the fact that TB is not considered an emergency condition.
>I believe the Bill that would restrict access is has passed Congress and is
going before the Senate. 
I would be very interested in feed-back from other
parts of the country on the potential impact of this change.

>Mahalo, Julie Robandt
>School of Public Health
>University of Hawaii  

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