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g-yu1 at uiuc.edu g-yu1 at uiuc.edu
Thu Oct 24 19:14:47 EST 1996

Hi Dear everyone:
Please help me. I purified a small peptide (Mr 1050 by mass spetrometry)
from a Bacillus culture by reverse chromatography. AA composition analysis 
result says it has only five to seven kinds of AA(Asx, Glx, Ser, Tyr, Pro).
We were unable to get any sequence information by Edman degregation method.
We believe it is cyclic or N-terminal blocked.
My questions are:
1> If it is cyclic, and if I run SDS-page or do gel-filtration chromatography,
Does it behave the same way as those linear peptides having same MW?
2> How can I figure out such a small(MW 1050) peptide's pI? Is IEF gel ok?
3> Since many peptides produced by this kind of soil bacteria are 
non-ribosomally synthesized, how can I know if it is ribosomally synthesized 
or non-ribosomally synthesized on a protein-template?
I appreciate any suggestion very much.

George Y. Yu
Graduate Student
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph: 217-367-1969
email: g-yu1 at uiuc.edu

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