nickel resistance in uropathogens

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Thu Oct 24 15:38:46 EST 1996

E.J. VANTOCH-WOOD <MIC4EJV at leeds.ac.uk> wrote (écrivait) :

> for some reason, uropathogenic coliforms are resistant to quite high 
> concentrations of nickel. the mechanism involves both plasmid and chromosomal
> genes and nickel resistance results due to an efflux system. if any one has
> any theories as to why these bacteria are nickel resistant or know of any
> good refferances then please get in touch.
> mic4ejv at leeds.ac.uk

Why nickel ? Is it because it is the metal cofactor of urease ?

One of the good specialists for bacterial resistance to metals is Max
Mergeay, who works in Mol (Belgium) : Mergeay M et al.(1985)
J.Bacteriol. 162,328-334. Also H.G. Schlegel : Siddiqui RA, Benthin K,
Schlegel HG.(1989) J. Bacteriol. 171,5071-5078. Also Springael D, Diels
L, Hooberghs L, Kreps S, Mergeay M. (1993) Appl.Environ.Microbiol.

You should find easily more recend references in data bases.

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