unknown anaerobe

Ralf Hartemink ngw at teleoffice.nl
Thu Oct 24 10:46:30 EST 1996

We have recently isolated an anaerobic bacterium from a number of human
faecal samples. So far we have not been able to identify the genus or

the cells are mono or duplococci 2-5 um diameter
aerotolerant (up to 1 h)
able to grow at an initial pH of 5.0
yellow to white colonies
vancomycin resistant
katalase/oxidase negative
Gram negative
produce some gas
final pH in RCM 4.2-4.5
do not require fermentable carbohydrate for growth

The cells closely resemble Megasphaera species, but as they grow at pH
5.0 are not one of the known species. The other characteristics resemble
Sarcina, but the cells are always mono- or duplococci. Other Gram
negative anaerobic cocci fail to grow at pH 5.0 or do not confirm to
morphology or other characteristics.

The strains are isolated from several human samples in logN of 3-6/gram
wet faeces.

Any help is appreciated !

Ralf Hartemink

Ralf.Hartemink at algemeen.lenm.wau.nl or ngw at teleoffice.nl

Wageningen Agricultural University
Section Food Microbiology
Intestinal Microbiology Group

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