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In article <01bbc141$0af6c4c0$072374cf at AT&TWorldnet>, "Hayden James" <REHJames at worldnet.att.net> says:
>I am a high school Student in the Bronx trying to research information on a
>scientific project for school.  I must pick my project and I choose to
>research in ecology.  I would like to study on rainforest put and
>biological research idea would be helpful.
>Thank You
>Hayden James
>P.S. Email address REHJames at worldnet.att.net
Well now, it is good to see someone in The Bronx still concentrating on 
school. How 'bout those Yankees!!

As someone who  has judged regional science fairs I have just a tiny
bit of advice.  Whatever project you chose, keep it simple, and keep it
doable by  a HS student.  

Living in a College Community I have seen too many kids put together
HS science projects that were direct extensions of their dad's 
research programs.

Since you mentioned an interest in rainforests my first question to you
would be, how can you research something that you don't have access to?

Some sort of model?   Think in those terms, keep the project simple,
keep it one that a H.S. student can do without professional input,
and try to be realistic about what  you can accomplish.

I know I did not suggest a topic but I hope my comments help.

BTW which HS do you attend?  I graduated from C Columbus near Pelham Pkw
in 1960.  

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