A question on mycoplasma

Shari Soza soza at snowcrest.net
Fri Oct 25 12:32:54 EST 1996


Please forgive me for cross-posting.  

I painted myself into a corner with this statement about mycoplasma (see
I first learned about mycoplasma in a book entitled  The Road Back, 
Causes and Treatments of Rheumatoid Arthritis,  by Thomas McPherson
Brown MD. 

I also went to the Southern Oregon State College library,  in Ashland, 
Oregon,  at the time,  and researched mycoplasma in microbiology books
there,  as I recall.

I got the impression that mycoplasma were bacteria that had their cell
walls damaged by antibiotics.  

What is the best source of the most accurate information on

Please respond to me by email.   

Shari Soza
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