Question : Cultivation of fungy

Yersinia yersinia at GATE.CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Oct 26 10:23:26 EST 1996

 Steve Teasdale writes:

<I am producing penicillium spores on solid media. It is space demanding. 
Does someone know about any cultivation method (liquid or semi-liquid) 
that could help me produce latger amount of spore from my fungy.>

I don't know of a liquid method of cultivation for any mold,  but your 
post made me curious. When you say you're producing on solid media, how 
are you doing it (plates, slants, roux bottles)?  And more importantly, 
how much spore do you need? We make spore suspensions of A. niger for 
preservative efficacy and growth promotion testing. The procedure I use 
involves inoculating six slants (Sabouraud Dextrose Agar). When the 
inocula on the slants sporulates, I wash off the spores with Saline/Tween 
80. The washings are inoculated on the surface of five R2A roux bottles. 
The roux bottles, of course, have much greater surface area than slants, 
so you get a greater amount of spores. The harvest from the roux bottles 
is centrifuged. The decanted supernatant contains enough spores (10 to 
the 4) for growth promotion media testing,  whereas the reconstituted 
pellet yields at least 10 to the 7, the amount we need for preservative 
efficacy. These suspensions - kept refrigerated in screw-cap test tubes 
with glass beads -  are good for a year.

The roux bottles don't take up that much space, so I opine. But then 
again, I don't know how big your incubator(s) is(are) either.


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