A question on mycoplasma

Umnarj Paeratakul umnarj at mozart.inet.co.th
Sat Oct 26 10:00:26 EST 1996

Dear friend,

First let me point out that Mycoplasma is not the 
same as Mycobacterium.

In plain language, mycoplasma is a name we call 
a group of bacteria that has no cell wall ( that 
other normal bacteria have ).  These bugs are 
born naturally without cell wall.

You can manipulate a normal bacteria, so that 
its cell wall is removed.  These wall-less 
bacteria are called  "L-forms".  

Mycobacterium is a name of another group of bacteria.
These bugs have cell wall althought, a bit different
than that of normal bacteria.  It has a lot of fatty 
compounds in it.  Some Mycobacterium can cause disease
 such as tuberculosis.

I think you should check out some basic book 
on Microbiology.  I found that Tortora, Funk, and Case
Microbiology is a good start.

Hope my two cents help.

Umnarj Paeratakul

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