Where to find Spiral plater for plate bacterial co

Scott Sutton sutton at org
Wed Oct 23 05:16:36 EST 1996

I don't remember the URL exactly, but it is on the BBS website (see sig
below) under "Resources"

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FA>Could anybody provide the address, fax and e-mail or Internet address
FA>of, or any pointer to, the company who sell the Spiral Plater, a
FA>machine which automatically plates bacterial samples for counting?
FA>I believe that it is located in Columbus, Ohio. While I used an
FA>address found in the Phone White pages, I did not get any answer from
FA>If you know of any equivalent instrument, please let me know also.
FA>I am in a hurry to get in touch with any vendors. Any help will be greatly

FA>//Gabriel Favelukes                  |E-MAIL-Internet: fave at nitfix.edu.ar
FA>//Inst. Bioquim. y Biolog. Molecular |Phone: (Lab) (+54-21)250497/210784-X32
FA>//Facultad de Ciencias Exactas       |      (Home) (+54-1)9010053
FA>//Universidad Nacional de La Plata.  |FAX:         (+54-21)259223
FA>//1900-LA PLATA, ARGENTINA.          |TELEX: 31151 BULAP AR / 31216 CESLA AR

to:   IN:fave at nitfix.edu.ar
cc:   US:**ALL**

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