Question on procaryotic cells

EriK Read eread at pop.life.uiuc.edu
Sun Oct 27 18:20:48 EST 1996

Maphy wrote:
>... Membrane Bound Ribosomes participate in the plasmic membrane
> invagination process : they degrade essential food to provide the cell
> with basic elements.
> Although important, these MBR are not always first created, it depends on
> the metabolism, cell type, and the medium in which the cell lives.
> These ribosomes also exist in Eucaryotic cells.
> These two cases are not the only functions of ribosomes. 
> PS : please excuse my english. 
> Isabelle, Pharmacology student.

I have never heard that Ribosomes are also degradative enzymes.
I would like to know more.
Can you provide a reference?


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