Minimal media

Bruce Amsden bamsdsen at prozyme.com
Mon Oct 28 19:08:32 EST 1996

Haishan Xiong <hxx101 at email.psu.edu> wrote:

>I have been experiencing some problems with growing E. coli in M9
>minimum media.  I tried to grow JM109 and XL1-Blue cells in M9 +
>glucose.  Neither grew.  I did not find any difficiency in terms of
>their genotype.  How can I get around with this problem?  
>I appreciate your kindly help.  


Did you include thiamine?  Both those strains require it.  I make and
filter-sterilize a 3.4 mg/ml stock solution (of thiamine
hydrochloride) which is 200x.  I add it, along with glucose and other
supplements, after autoclaving and cooling the media (and for plates,
just before pouring).  I store the stock solution frozen.

Hope this helps!
Bruce Amsden

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