microbiological quality standards for swimming pools

Brian Hoyle brianh at gov.nb.ca
Tue Oct 29 07:30:45 EST 1996

Water Quality Lab <h2o at internetnorth.com.au> wrote:
>I would appreciate any information regarding suggested relevent 
>microbiological tests (with testing frequency) and associated quality 
>guidelines for use in public swimming pools.

Here in Canada, the federal Health & Welfare department does 
not have guidelines for swimming pools. As quoted from the 
guidelines "Because swimming pools are subject to specific 
management practices and provincial regulations intended to 
protect public health (e.g., disinfection and construction 
standards), they are not covered by this publication". In New 
Brunswick, I do not think that there are specific guidelines 
for swimming pool water quality. However, we are usually asked 
to test water for total coliforms, faecal coliforms and 
Pseudomonas. Detection of any organisms triggers a response by 
public health inspectors. I am not sure whether this zero 
tolerance is a formal policy or prudent caution on the 
inspectors' part. 

I know that this information is not quite what you wanted, but 
I hope that it helps.

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