Blastomyces vs. air bubbles

Michael Kolotila x3887 mkolotila at necc.mass.edu
Wed Oct 30 16:36:15 EST 1996

Hi Linda;
  One thing about Blastomyces infections is that they only rarely present
on the skin.  That limits the possibility.  Also, air bubbles tend to have
dark periphery when you change the focus.  As a suggestion, if you
temperature switch Blastomyces to the yeast form, take some of the culture
and treat with KOH as you would a skin scraping. You may even want to add
uninfected skin to yeast form and look at it.  Good luck.  Medical
mycology is fun and fascinating.  

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On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Ralph and/or Linda wrote:

> I was sure I was seeing Blastomyces in a KOH prep, but the micro
> supervisor told me it was only air bubbles. (I did not know that air
> bubbles could have buds.)  What can a "very new" MLT do to learn the
> difference?
> Linda

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