Specimens wanted!

Brian Hoyle brianh at gov.nb.ca
Wed Oct 30 07:26:00 EST 1996

Umnarj Paeratakul <umnarj at mozart.inet.co.th> wrote:
>Dear friend,
>If I were you, I would call up american type culture
>collection for the CERTIFIED specimens.  You have to pay
>for the service, but it is worth paying for.
>At least you know that you are dealing with the TRUE 
>specimen, with a complete background reference.
>Just my two cents.
>Umnarj Paeratakul

I'm curious; when we order an ATCC strain using their order 
number, does this mean that we obtain the strain (i.e., the 
genetic markers) which we desire? I had assumed that this is 
the case.

Comments please.

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