Salmonella carrier?

Doug Rice drice at vines.colostate.edu
Thu Oct 31 14:27:19 EST 1996

Who can tell me about Salmonella in the carrier state?

In a human, Salmonella will usually run a normal clinical case and be 
completely out of the body in about two weeks.  In about 5% of the cases the 
human can become a carrier, and shed the organism over a long period of time.  
Here are my questions:

Are certain physical conditions (AIDS, gall bladder infection, pregnancy) of 
the patient more likely to induce the carrier state?

Are certain subtypes more probable to form a carrier state (other than S. 

Are there any good reference publication on this topic?

Thanks in advance for your information.  Please reply via e-mail.
drice at vines.colostate.edu


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