Could HIV become airborn

Brian Foley btf at t10.lanl.gov
Thu Oct 31 15:53:29 EST 1996

Alsham3 wrote:
> I'm looking for any research done on the possibility 
> of HIV mutating and turning airborn.  Please email the 
> info as soon as possible.

	It is pretty much impossible to "do research" on
such "possibilities".  You are talking about science fiction,
not science.  
	It is interesting to me that this question comes up
a lot more often than "What is the possibility that the
common cold virus or the influenza virus will mutate to
cause AIDS, or cancer or hemohragic fever?"
	Both possibilities are equally scary, and
make great science fiction topics.  Both are very
unlikely, but very unlikely is not "impossible".  There
is no way to "do research" to determine exactly what
the probability level is, or even to get a ballpark
estimate.  Biology is complex.
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