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>Date: 28 Oct 1996 15:41:09 -0800    Wrote;
>For whoever is qualified to answer me: 
>I would like to know what specific Bacteriophages will attack 
>Salmonella enteriditis. I am working on the potential antibacterial 
>affects of phages against human pathogens. 
>Any responses will be greately appreciated
>Thank you
>George T.


I co-wrote a chapter about bacteriophages which includes detailed 
instructions on how to isolate phages from the environment. Good 
sources include water (pond & lakes, rivers, runoff from agricultural 
land), soil, excreta, foodstuffs (including uncooked meat products), 
and sewage. This last source is probably the richest.

The reference for isolating your own phage is;

Mulholland, V & Salmond, GPC (1995). Use of coliphage lambda and 
other bacteriophages for molecular genetic analysis of Erwinia and 
related Gram-negative bacteria. In; Microbial Gene Techniques 
(Methods in Molecular Genetics Vol. 6), Adolph, KW (ed). Academic 
Press, San Diego. pp. 439-454.
ISBN  0-12-044308-2

Good luck if you decide to isolate your own phages, but remember 
someone may have a good collection, perhaps for phage-typing, that 
they are willing to share with you.


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