Relationship between acid rain and micro-organism

Nizamettin Yigit yiginiz at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Thu Oct 31 03:09:43 EST 1996

Takbum Ohn wrote:
> Hi.. netters..
> I am interested in the relationships between acid rain and micro-organism
> on the aspect of ecology in water system.
> are there any laboratories or persons stidying about that issue?
> If there are I would like to contact with.
> Thanks..
> Tak-bum Ohn
> e.mail, ahnss at hitel.kol.co.kr
I could not get the question. 
Do you ask about acidic water microroganism or ecologic effects of acid
rain in terms of microorganims species.

There are many people studying acid rain or acidic bacteria for either
ecolojic or other purposes.

The best way to have a list of many, try to search (especially on alta
vista) with a string of acidic waters, acid rains, acidophilic bacteria

BTW  our labrator deals with acidophilic bacteria but not ecology.

Good luck


Nizamettin Yigit

Illinois Institute of Technology,
Dept of Biology, Chicago, IL 60616


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