Of Strange Flesh - re 666 & chemistry (fwd)

Tim Blackmore tim_blackmore at notes.ipl.ca
Fri Jan 3 13:00:54 EST 1997

In article <5ag2ui$3ql at hbu005.ha.uk.sbphrd.com>,
   Frank_Hollis-1 at sbphrd.com.see-sig (Triple Quadrophenic) wrote:
>In article <32C9D353.5BD6 at efgh.net>, abcd at efgh.net (Anonymous ) dusted off 
>the quill, prised open the inkwell and wrote...
>>It is somewhat cool that you posted this statement on the last day of
>>1996.  As you may or may not already know, the year 1996 is only like 8
>>other years in this milleneum in that it contains the number 666 within
>>it.  If you drop the '1' and invert the two '9's, you get the famed
>>dreaded mark. 
>What about 1997? If you remove the 1, the two 9s and the 7; then put in 
>three 6s you get 666.

Jeeze, you've got it all wrong! You simply invert the nines, and remove the 
one from the seven!  Voila!

Tim Blackmore    tim_blackmore at notes.ipl.ca

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