Of Strange Flesh - re 666 & chemistry (fwd)

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>Subject: Of Strange Flesh - re 666 & chemistry (fwd)
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>PLEASE CC REPLIES TO <kld at jersey.uoregon.edu>

>I know that the post below is simply the esoteric jibberish of a
>kook-ranter;  unfortunately, there are those who take it seriously.

>I am no microbiologist, and therefore do not have the information at my
>fingertips with which to debunk this bizarre theory -- I'm hoping someone
>with more knowledge of the subject can provide me <kld at jersey.uoregon.edu>
>with a brief, educated explanation as to why human biology just doesn't
>work this way.  :)

>The basic claim made here by Adam Willson (based on the theories of a
>well-known [in certain circles] kook, Tani Jantsang) is that there are two
>separate species we label "human":  one is based on Carbon-12 (6 protons,
>6 neutrons), while the other is based on some other Carbon isotope.

>Anyone care to take a stab at this one? 


Some things just aren't worth bothering with, this is one.
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Socrates was a famous Greek Teacher who went around giving
people advice. They killed him.   (school history howler)

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