Detecting Human Pathogens ? Is there a kit?

Nancy Valenzuela nvalen at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 6 19:04:09 EST 1997

Alexander Jason wrote:
> I need advice:
> I am attempting to conduct a small experiment to determine the
> presence of common human pathogens on various surfaces.
> Since I do not have a lab, I would like to know the most efficient and
> practical method of culturing and identifying microorganisms. Would it
> be best to send swabs to a lab somewhere or is there a kit which would
> allow me to do this "in house" ?
> I would also appreciate learning the approximate costs associated with
> a kit or lab service (I'm doing this by myself.)
> Thanks,
> Alexander Jason

Any standard microbiology lab book will have detailed explinations on
performing the various tests to determine organism virulence and
pathogenicity. Also included will be aseptic technique proceedures. You
can find such a book at any local collage bookstore that offers
microbiology as part of thier curriculum. I'm not sure about obtaining
the materials neccessary for the experaments, ask the college staff
about that... Good luck.

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