phospholipid separation method

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In article <851618393.22572 at dejanews.com>, zinchenk at com2com.ru wrote:

> I am looking for the method of phospholipid separation.
> I want to do it without HPLC, only by SEP-PAK column and
> TLC. We need to make quantitave balans of radioactive PC,PE,
> PS,PI,LPC,CL and PA.

You will maybe appreciate to know that it is possible to quantify all
those species in crude extracts (i.e. without separating them)  by NMR
(31P-NMR or 1H-NMR)
Look for Bosco, Culeddu, Toffanin and Pollesello in Analytical
Biochemistry 1996 as an example (but there are several other papers on the

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