Levels on Vancomycin, Phenytoin, Gentamycin, Digoxin??

Jim Seaboldt seaboldt at mcn.net
Thu Jan 9 14:25:41 EST 1997

> My problem is that we are occasionally asked to take blood assays to
> ascertain the therapeutic levels of Vancomycin, Phenytoin, Gentamycin
> and Digoxin. However there is some confusion as to when bloods should
> be drawn for these investigations.

At the hospital where I work, Vancomycin peak levels are obtained about
one hour after a one hour infusion, trough levels are just prior to the
next dose; gentamycin peak levels are obtained 1/2 hour after a 1/2 hour
infusion, trough levels are just prior to the next dose; digoxin levels
are obtained randomly once the steady state is reached; phenytoin levels
are obtained at least one hour after a loading infusion or 24 hours
after an oral bolus, phenytoin maintenance levels are obtained after 4
to 5 half-lives.

Hope this helps. If you need more information, you might try posting on
the newsgroup SCI.MED.PHARMACY


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