marker for pFQ148

Jayakumar R jr at caticsuf.CATI.CSUFresno.EDU
Thu Jan 9 01:13:57 EST 1997

Dear newsgroup
  I hsd earlier sent this same question onthe net.  But since the server
was down for a week, I could not receive any messages whatsoever.  So
please mail any reply fast.  I need it very urgently.
   Does anyone know the selectable marker for the plasmid pFQ148 
(genbank L41344) which contains genes nifV, nifH, nifD, nifK and niE. 
The work was done by specq. A. and Normand, P. (unpublished, 1996). If 
the authors read this, please let me know.  All help will be duly 


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