Bacteriophage Assay

Dr. Cheng Luo Cheng.Luo at plantphys.umu.se
Fri Jan 10 09:07:48 EST 1997

>Can anybody give me a reference on the detailed methodology of
>enumerating bacteriophages (i.e. the plaque assay).  Also any references
>on antimicrobial sensitivity testing of compounds using bacteriophages.
>Thanks in advance.
>Charles Gradle
>Babson Bros. Co.
>cgradle at interaccess.com

Adams M.H., (1959) Methods od study of bacterial viruses. In bacteriophages.
New York: Interscience Publishers.

        This is a classical book, however, the methods on the plaque assay
has been alway the same, so it is still worthy to use as a reference.

        Second question is something like Ames test?

Hope little help

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