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Michael Kolotila x3644 mkolotila at necc.mass.edu
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  I would to throw in my $0.02 worth.  Prototheca is thought to be related
to green algae, although it is achlorophyllous--lacks chlorophyll.
Because of this lack of chlorophyll, it has been included with the yeasts
because colonially and morphologically it resembles a yeast.  It has been
known to cause human disease.  It is an eukaryote and therefore not a
  Hope that this helps.

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On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, ed marsden wrote:

> Weismm wrote:
> > 
> > I've got duplicate slides labelled as follows: Prototheca wickerhamii and
> > Probetheca wickerhomii. I've looked in numerous textbooks for a spelling
> > to no avail. Can anyone help?
> > 
> > My suspicion is that someone in transcribing the name sloppily transcribed
> > the be to a to or visa versa and the o to an a in the species. However, no
> > book that I have consulted has a genus that matches either.
> >>>>>I don't know if this will help but my University text lists an algae (green) by the name Prototheca. I could not find a listing 
> corresponding to Probetheca. Probably a spelling error.
> 						-Neil

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