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]This is taken from chapter 18 'Historical Perspectives on Pandemic
]Cholera' by Paul Blake, in the book 'Vibrio cholerae and Cholera' edited
]by Wachsmuth, Blake and Olsvik.
]'The modern history of cholera began in 1817, when cholera spread out
]of India in what the literature describes as the first of seven
]pandemics .....Medical historians differ on whether cholera existed
]outside of Asia before 1817.'

This is about the time of industrialization and a lot more
urbanisation, not to forget the increase in travel mostly by

This organism just didn't appear from the air. It has bin
around....like all things natural, for a long time. We noticed it
due to looking and it's prevelance in crowded areas and mass
production. Probably some other things as well.

]On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Lars Andrup wrote:
]> Dear Bionet.Microbiology
]> I'm writing an article (popular science)on microbiology and I would like
]> to mention some of the pests of the middle ages. And my question is: is
]> cholera that old in Europe?
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]> Lars
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