Experienced PostDoc seeks employment

Dr Martin Goldberg mdg at leicester.ac.uk
Sun Jan 12 08:30:00 EST 1997

I am a British researcher, currently working in the field of bacterial
pathogenicity, and my grant is due to expire at the end of April. I am
therefore wondering if anybody out there in cyberspace is looking for
somebody with my type of experience.

After my degree, I worked for 4.5 years in a clinical microbiology lab
in a hospital. Following this, I started work as a research
technician, responsible for running a large and very busy research
lab, during which time, I started my Ph.D., working on a part time
basis. My Ph.D. was on the regulation of the E. coli cell cycle. One
of the genes I isolated during this time was hns, which encodes the
hisone-like DNA binding protein H-NS, that acts as a regulator of
transcription by modulating DNA supercoiling and by binding to the
curved DNA motifs associated with a number of gene promoters. Through
this work, I have become very interested in DNA structure and
topology, and how they influence gene expression. H-NS plays a major
role in transducing environmental signals and adapting the physiology
and metabolism of the bacterial cell, but currently, the mechanisms by
which it does this are poorly understood.
 I have also become very interested in global transcription
 regulation, as seen not just with H-NS, but with the stationary phase
 sigma factor, RpoS. Both H-NS and RpoS play crucial roles, not just
 in the regulation of bacterial house-keeping genes, but also in the
 cell cycle and in virulence. I have a lot of experience in all
 aspects of molecular biology including RNA work, DNA manipulation,
 protein work, in-vitro gene expression and mutagenesis. If you think
 I may possess the skills you are looking for, please don't hesistate
 to contact me.

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